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Ready to Aggregate?


Two days of Strategy, Tactics & Community

September 29-30, 2014

#GGRGT (Just say Aggregate) is one-part conference, one-part strategy workshop. We’re bringing together some of the best minds in digital and pairing them with technology leaders from communities across the nation. The goal? To discuss tactics & develop strategy for how we can use the web to shape the future of our institutions, businesses & communities.

We’ll spend September 29th in parallel tracks discussing high level ideas related to engagement, interaction and envisioning what the future of digital practice looks like within our own institutions. On September 30th, we will get down to business. Working with our cadre of talented facilitators, you will map out strategy, examine what’s working and go home with the tools to move your institution forward through hands-on workshops with other attendees.

If you are seeking for a conference that’s collaborative, engaging & energizing, join us this September in Louisville at #GGRGT.

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Join our marquee sponsors at #GGRGT as we help broaden the conversation between digital people in higher ed, business, non-profits & community.


2014 Roster

Spend two days learning & sharing ideas from our team of accomplished speakers who get things done.

Aggregate isn't a top-down conference. Our speakers will present breakout sessions, participate in panel discussions with healthy audience participation & spend a full-day facilitating intensive workshops giving you the tactics to take home and move your institution forward. Don't miss out!
  • Testimonial

    Ann Friedman

    Columnist, NYMag.com

    About Ann Friedman

    Ann Friedman is a columnist for New York magazine’s website and for the Columbia Journalism Review. She also makes pie charts for The Hairpin and Los Angeles magazine. She was the executive editor of GOOD magazine until 2012, when she and her colleagues were fired en masse. Shortly thereafter, they produced a crowd-funded magazine called Tomorrow that was nominated for an Utne Independent Media Award. Her work has appeared in ELLE, Esquire, Newsweek, The Observer, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and many other outlets. She lives in Los Angeles, where she is a writer, editor, and speaker for hire. 

  • Testimonial

    Ron Bronson


    About Ron Bronson

    Ron Bronson is a developer, entrepreneur, speaker and web strategist who has been building things online since 1994. He’s spent nearly a decade bringing change to higher ed leading digital projects from concept to post-launch. In addition to pasting together the Aggregate Web Conference, he spends his days leading web strategy for the Kentucky Community & Technical College System.

  • Testimonial

    Nicole Sunstrum

    Director of Social Media, University of Michigan

    About Nicole Sunstrum

    Nicole Sunstrum has over four years experience coordinating statewide public sector social media initiatives. Prior to assuming her current role, she was responsible for coordinating a unified presence and strategy for government entities. Her role included policy creation; consultation and training aimed at ensuring all accounts provided additional value to Michigan citizens.

    Nicole is now focused on applying that same approach in order to innovate the way in which one of the world’s top universities strategically advances interactive communications.

  • Testimonial

    Daniel Dudley

    Vice President, Songbird International & Founder of Lakework Spaces

    About Daniel Dudley

    Daniel Dudley is a designer & marketing strategist based in Cleveland. An advocate for the tech scene in Northeast Ohio, he’s also runs a screenprinting company and puts on a quarterly tech conference of his own.

  • Testimonial

    Joel Goodman

    Principal, Bravery Media

    About Joel Goodman

    Joel G Goodman is a jack-of-all-trades marketer, designer, and front-end developer, and the principal and owner of Bravery Media. He spent six years working in higher education web marketing at two institutions driving web marketing, branding and strategy aimed at increasing both student enrollment and alumni engagement.

  • Testimonial

    Jenny Mackintosh

    Web Producer, Boston University

    About Jenny Mackintosh

    Jenny Mackintosh is a Web Producer for Boston University’s Interactive Design team, supporting the designers and developers who build BU’s websites. Before joining them in December 2013, she was BU’s Social Media & Community Outreach Coordinator, learning & telling Terriers’ stories through social networks. Her particular areas of interest include community management, storytelling and analytics. 

  • Testimonial

    Rob Engelsman

    Community Manager, HUGE

    About Rob Engelsman

    Rob Engelsman is a community manager at Huge in Brooklyn, NY, where he works on social strategy and execution. Previously he ran social media and other multimedia projects for his alma mater Ithaca College, where he received a degree in journalism with minors in politics and religious studies. An over-eager journalism student once described Rob as a “renaissance man of modern media” in a profile that was never published. The student was most likely bribed.

  • Testimonial

    Lacy Paschal

    Director of Web Communications, Vanderbilt University

    About Lacy Paschal

    As Director of University Web Communications at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, Lacy’s office is responsible for the development of vanderbilt.edu, providing web and application development services, consulting on web strategy, and managing Vanderbilt’s social media presences. Thankfully she still gets to code quite a bit… she loves building tools and expanding functionality to help others do their jobs more efficiently.  Lacy is married to Justin, a software engineer also at Vandy, and is a new mom to Hayden, born Feb 21 (he’s destined to be a geek!) More at lacypaschal.com.

  • Testimonial

    Meg Bernier

    Assistant Director of Editorial Services & Social Media, St. Lawrence University

    About Meg Bernier

    Meg Bernier is the assistant director of editorial services and social media at St. Lawrence University (NY). That’s the long way of saying she spends her days (and nights) finding unique ways to tell St. Lawrence’s story in print publications, on the web and across social media.

  • Testimonial

    Alaina Wiens

    Web Content Strategist, University of Michigan-Flint

    About Alaina Wiens

    Alaina Wiens is the Web Content Strategist at the University of Michigan-Flint, where she works to ensure the university’s story is told effectively through the web and social channels. She helps departments across campus think strategically about their online communication, and is project manager for large-scale web projects within University Relations. Alaina is also the “driver” of #strategycar, a weekly Twitter chat designed to encourage strategic discussion and brainstorming for higher education professionals.

  • Testimonial

    Emily Alexandra

    International Communications Coordinator, Deakin University (Australia)

    About Emily Alexandra

    Emily Alexandra from Melbourne, Australia has over seven years experience coordinating digital and print communications in higher education. For the last five years, her team’s focus has been to develop the international communications for her alma mater, Deakin University using best practice operations that incorporate creativity, sustainability, community and best use of technology. Fittingly, Emily is also a co-disruptor of the Disruptive Business Network – a platform to inspire, debate and educate.

  • Testimonial

    Ma’ayan Plaut

    Manager of Social Strategy and Projects, Oberlin College

    About Ma’ayan Plaut

    Ma’ayan Plaut is the Manager of Social Strategy and Projects at her alma mater, Oberlin College, where she manages Oberlin’s social spaces and projects. She serves as a cheerleader, consultant, and strategist for anyone interested in exploring social media on campus.

    Ma’ayan has presented at HighEdWeb, the Web Conference at Penn State, the CASE Social Media and Community conference, Confab Higher Ed, Academic Impressions, and is a frequent guest on the Higher Ed Live network.
    In her free time, Ma’ayan writes a lot, tweets a lot, and thinks about food a lot.

  • Testimonial

    Sam Kapila

    Designer, Educator

    About Sam Kapila

    Sam Kapila is a designer and web design educator living in Austin, Texas, focusing on Responsive Web Design and Typography. She is also a co-host of the ATX Web Show & Non-Breaking Space podcasts.

  • Testimonial

    Mara Zepeda

    CEO, Switchboard

    About Mara Zepeda

    Mara Zepeda is the co-founder and CEO of Switchboard, an online community building platform often described as a non-creepy Craigslist. Mara has spent her entire life working in organizations and higher education at places like Harvard University, and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; as a reporter with National Public Radio; and as a board member of arts organizations, neighborhood associations, and her alma mater, Reed College.

    Mara graduated with honors from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism with a focus on digital media, and received her B.A. in Russian from Reed. She grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and loves meeting new people.


Sunday September 28

Early Registration

We’ll have more information forthcoming, but we’re planning a special #GGRGT eve activity thanks to a sponsor. Stay tuned!

Monday September 29

Registration & Breakfast

Let’s kick off the conference. If you didn’t register on Sunday night, you can register now.


Ron Bronson

How to Ignore Your Haters & Thrive In A Brave New (Digital) World

Ann Friedman

In the era of instant online feedback, we all have to deal with people who don’t like our work. Should we listen to our critics or ignore them? Who’s a hater, who’s got a fair point, and how do we tell the difference? And what’s the best way to forge ahead and keep creating awesome stuff without getting bogged down in negative feedback? Ann has some tips and tricks and lessons from her own career as a digital journalist with lots of opinions.

It’s Not Your Mama’s Internet: The Role of Search Engine Optimization in a Non eCommerce Context

Daniel Dudley

This presentation will address the important role SEO can play in an organization’s digital strategy, give an explanation of how search engine optimization has changed in recent years and discuss the direction in which organic search and how we find content online is moving. Attendees will leave with an understanding of why SEO is important and how it can fit within the organization’s overall marketing strategy.

Taking Social Media Beyond the Screen: Creating a More “Social” Culture on Campus

Meg Bernier


Hustle Is Hope

Joel Goodman

The Limits of the Web Platforms.

Rob Englesman

Social media has reached critical mass, and being heard is one of the greatest challenge facing brands today. In this session, we’ll discuss how to think differently about the capabilities and limitations of popular social platforms, as well as view examples from innovative people and brands that have found success on social by going against the grain.

Sponsor provided Break Time

Make content more social.

Ma'ayan Plaut

New change to a social platform? That’s no time to rethink your social media strategy; stick to your content strategy and all will be fine. Recenter yourself with the mantra “Make content more social”—an attempt to proactively create, host, and share more social stories. Moving horizontally rather than vertically through our social spaces allows for more seamless and integrated social experience, with an emphasis on telling our best story, aided by the tools we have at our disposal.

Evening Event

Join our sponsors for an evening in Louisville. More information is forthcoming.

Tuesday September 30th


Intensive Workshop Sessions

Our single track event diverges here with a parallel track intensive workshop where you get to apply the things we learned on Day 1.

Intensive Workshop Sessions

Intensive Workshop Sessions

Our single track event diverges here with a parallel track intensive workshop where you get to apply the things we learned on Day 1.


Intensive Workshop Sessions

Our single track event diverges here with a parallel track intensive workshop. The idea? Give you the tactics to take home and get to work.

Sponsor provided Break Time

With full brains, you’ll need a snack. Our sponsors have made sure you will.

Closing Keynote

Mara Zepeda

Switchboard CEO Mara Zepeda will close the event with a talk.


Louisville Marriott Downtown

#GGRGT14 will take place in Louisville on September 29-30th, 2014 at the Marriott Louisville Downtown.

We’ve negotiated a room rate of $119 per night,

The hotel is a spectacular location for our first year event! It boasts:

  •  indoor pool, whirlpool & fitness center
  • two restaurants in the lobby
  • within walking distance to over 50 downtown Louisville restaurants.

We’ve also negotiated a overnight self-parking rate of $8 per day for folks who are driving in. We also have negotiated free wireless for all guest rooms!

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